About Us

We are a part of ‘Jan-Shakti’, a non-profit, non-government organization which is engaged in different kinds of awareness programs for the ecology and environment, road-safety and traffic management, rural development & agro-marketing, education and consumer awareness. This NGO adopts all kind of genres for these awareness programs such as hosts and arranges seminars, workshops and street plays; makes documentary & short films and publishes several magazines. This NGO publishes 6 magazines namely- ‘Hamara Bhumandal’ (a journal on environment & ecology), ‘Sashart’ (a journal on rural development), ‘Watchful Consumers’ (a journal on consumer awareness), ‘Road-Sense Today’ (a journal on road-safety and traffic management), ‘Police Focus’ (a journal on Police Forces of India) and ‘Swantantra Vishwa Bharat’ (a journal on Education and political awakening).

In ‘Road-Sense Today’ magazine, we are publishing articles, reports, poems, general knowledge based information, updated news related to road-safety and traffic collisions. It also contains the topics of better road sense & traffic management, road accidents and road-safety related one-act plays etc. in each issue of the magazine. The other issues for which we are concerned with, are- ‘how to control the vehicular pollution in the cities, the importance of time-bound maintenance services of the motor vehicles, the need and importance of good education & training of the drivers in India, safety fittings for a safe passenger motor vehicle, the need of a proper insurance cover for a vehicle, the management of parking lots, the management of public-transport in the cities, the role of toll plazas, traffic police and The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 & Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 for road safety & traffic management in India.

The material of each issue of this magazine is evaluated by a group of advisor-editors so that the magazine could be more interesting, more readable and trust-worthy for the readers of this magazine. Apart from the above, we have an 18 years experience in the area of awareness programs for road safety and we are inculcating that experience in this magazine.

Editor –

Mr. J.C. Kaushik(57), an academic and a senior journalist, is the editor of this magazine. Mr. Kaushik had worked with many Daily National News Papers such as Indian Express, The Times of India, The Pioneer, Hindustan Times, Jan-Satta, Nav Bharat Times, Dainik Swatantra Vishwa Bharat and Dainik Hint etc. Now-a-days Mr. Kaushik has been working as the editor of five news magazines which are being published from Kurukshetra under the aegis of ‘Jan-Shakti’. These magazines are ‘Hamara Bhumandal’ (a journal on environment & ecology), ‘Sashart’ (a journal on rural development), ‘Watchful Consumers’ (a journal on consumer awareness), ‘Road-Sense Today’ (a journal on road-safety & traffic management), ‘Police Focus’ (a journal on Police Forces of India) and ‘Swatantra Vishwa Bharat’ (a journal on Education and political awakening). He had also edited one police magazine- ‘Hamara Ambala’ which was being published from Ambala. Apart from his editorial skills, he has been conducting seminars & workshops and staging the street-plays for the awareness programs for the environment, road safety & traffic management and agriculture & rural development. He has been raising his voice against the pollution, bad and rash driving habits, excess use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and wastage of water and energy. Mr. Kaushik has produced almost 30 short films and documentaries for the environment and different industry. He was given an award by the British High Commissioner and the Chief Minister of Delhi in 2004 in the road safety segment. He also has been the recipient of several other awards in the field of environment.


Prof. Pradeep Mathur- is a senior journalist with nearly two and a half decades of experience in the news world. He worked as News Editor, Assistant Editor, Magazine Editor, Correspondent, Political Correspondent, Resident Editor and Editor in print media organizations of repute. He has worked with Pioneer, Tribune, National Herald and a bilingual news feature agency, before joining IIMC in 1989 as Associate Professor in-charge of Publications. Apart from editing the quarterly publications – “Communicator” and “Sanchar Madhyam”, he has also been instrumental in promoting the publications program of the Institute. Prof. Mathur has been involved with the teaching of print media in IIMC and various centers of mass communication in the country. He is also on Board of Studies of Several Indian Universities. For the past six years, he has been running the English Journalism Course, at the Institute as its Course Director. He has written for various journals on a wide variety of subjects. He has authored a book on Non-aligned Movement and has edited several books on media.

Mr. Surender Kumar- is a Director in the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India.

Mr. Subhash Sharma- is an Executive Member of the NGO – ‘Jan-Shakti’ Management Committee and one of the advisor-editors of all the magazines, being published by this organization. Mr. Sharma is a very famous and spontaneous poet, lyricist and script writer. He has been active with a passion since his childhood. He is a most honest, hard working and a noble soul. Mr. Subhash Sharma is a qualified electrical engineer and he had served in the power generation sector of Haryana for 32 years.

Mr. Tarun Batra- is a renowned Charted Accountant and currently he is the Head of Finance at M/s Best Foods Limited.

Mr. Gaurav Kaushik, Treasurer of NGO- ‘Jan-Shakti’ Executive Committee is associated with our organization since its inception. Mr. Kaushik is a qualified advocate from India and a solicitor from United Kingdom. He passed his LL.B. (Hons.) from Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University and LL.M. (International Trade Law & Corporate Law) from King’s College, London (UK). Mr. Gaurav Kaushik is the topper and distinction holder of this college. He did his internship with a world renowned Law firm M/s Duncan Lewis & Solicitors, London (UK) for two years (2009-2011). He was qualified as a solicitor by The Solicitors Regulation Authority of U.K. He had worked as an associate with M/s Paras Kuhad Associates & Advocates, and Thomson Reuters at Mumbai. (Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals). Since Feb., 2013, he is working in ‘ConSoLex’, a Law Firm set up by him & his friend at Mumbai.