To attain an accident free India through our awareness programs.

Road Sense Today magazine has a simple and only one mission: To promote road safety and the public awareness among the road users so that required preventative measures may be taken care of to reduce the risk or severity of road injury. Road safety awareness is our main objective and we are also trying to promote it in the public, educational institutions and in the private sector by hosting seminars, producing short films and conducting work-shops, Nukkad-Nataks i.e. street plays for the awareness for the Road-Safety. This is a fact that every day, traffic is increasing on the roads in India and it is also true that the government is making all possible efforts to provide proper roads, flyovers, etc. with good policing but still many are losing their lives in road accidents. Resultantly, there are many families who are suffering because the earning members might have been killed in a road accident. India is also losing billions of rupees due to road accidents and bad roads. So, our movement is also to create more and more awareness on proper use of roads in a safe manner.